How we support our clients, stakeholders and events:

  • Branding

  • Logo/Theme Design

  • Custom Website Design

  • Brochure Design & Printing Arrangements

  • Save the Date Postcard Design and Printing Arrangements

  • Ordering of Branded Onsite Giveaways/Attendee Gifts

  • Graphic Design

  • Signage Design and Printing Arrangements

  • Design and Printing of Invitations and other Collateral


Site Selection & Contract Negotiation

The location of a meeting can be a major draw for an event and can have a profound financial impact on an event budget.  During the selection process we will discuss program requirements, create a Request for Proposals (RFP) to evaluate venues, utilize our industry relationships for responses, identify venues that meet our client’s criteria and negotiate contract in our client’s best interest.  We have templates for RFPs, venue contracts, proposal response grid and other tools that enhance the success of this process.  Our services for site selection and contract negotiation include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying Potential Sites

  • Creating and sending out RFP

  • Collecting Proposals

  • Identifying venues that meet our client’s requirements

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Site Visits


Planning & Logistics

The centerpiece of any event is the planning and logistics.  This is where the details reside that will make your event a success.  At Event Planning Concepts we take care of each one of these details.  From inception to execution and beyond we work with our clients to build a road map that ensures each phase of the event planning lifecycle is executed flawlessly.  Our services for planning and logistics include but are not limited to:

  • Timeline Creation and Monitoring                                             

  • Event Plan/Event Specification Guide Creation

  • Budget Development/Management/Oversight/Reconciliation

  • Supplier Solicitation/Management/Contract Negotiations on our client’s behalf

  • Reporting – Pre and post event reporting to include:

    • Hotel Pick Up/Pattern

    • Registration

    • Final Attendee/Exhibitor/Sponsor Reports

    • Financials

    • Recommendations for future

    • Trends

    • Complete overview of event – total worth of event for negotiation leverage in future

  • Onsite Event Staffing/Floor Management – Complete onsite staffing that includes:

    • Confirm all prior arrangements

    • Handle every detail

    • Provide seasoned staff onsite

    • Anticipate potential issues

    • Constant communication with all suppliers and facility

    • Run onsite registration

    • Check room sets and times

    • Audio Visual/Food & Beverage sets

    • Transportation monitoring

    • Handle last minute changes

    • Monitor all deliveries

  • Communications – Audience participation tools; attendee and supplier communications

  • Print Design & Production Arrangement

  • Evaluations

  • Internet/Event Technologies

  • F&B Management – menu design/ordering proper amount of food

  • Audio Visual Management – General session, break out rooms, webcasts

  • Production Management – Direct/Call plenary sessions, Stage management, Lighting, Sound, Video, Staging, Tenting, Show flow writing, Script assistance

  • Function Room Sets & Logistics

  • Speaker/Program Management

    • Call for Papers

    • Abstract, Presentation, Disclosure Form, AV Requirements Collection

    • Scheduling

    • Post event thank you notes

    • Speaker Evaluations

    • Communications with speakers

    • Speaker travel/hotel arrangements

  • Transportation -  Airport Transfers/Sedan Service/Tours/City Wide Routes

  • Security – Event, Exhibit, VIP, Personal

  • VIP Management

  • Entertainment Booking and Management

  • Personalized Meet & Greet

  • Destination Management Services

  • Permits/Parking


Exhibit & Tradeshow Sales & Management

The exhibit floor or tradeshow often represents the largest income line item in our client’s event budgets.   We understand this and implement the development, design, promotion and sales strategies that maximize revenue and exhibitor loyalty.  We work with our clients to design unique floor plans that maximize attendee flow, revenue generating space and traffic draw along with keeping with the overall theme of the event.  Our services for exhibit & tradeshow sales and management include but are not limited to:

  • Floor Management

  • Floor Plan Design

  • Sales Strategies

  • Sales fulfillment/Payment collection

  • Assign booths/Send exhibitor confirmations

  • Pre-event logistics

  • Exhibitor Kit/Contract/Policies/Rules & Regulations creation

  • General Services Contractor Solicitation/Management

  • Ongoing and Post Event Reports

  • Lead Retrieval

  • Exhibitor Support

  • Exhibition timeline and tracking of deliverables

  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Liaison

  • Onsite management from set up to tear down

  • Insurance Requirements


Sponsorship Program Development, Sales & Management

The right sponsorship program can add a significant additional revenue stream to an event while adding the overall them and décor of the event as well.  We understand this and implement the development, design, promotion and sales strategies that maximize revenue and sponsor loyalty.  We work with our clients to design unique sponsorship programs, sales strategy, implementation, fulfillment and onsite production.  Our services for sponsorship program development, sales and management include but are not limited to:

  • Sponsor Program Development

  • Sales Strategies

  • Pre-event logistics

  • Sponsor Kit/Contract/Policies/Rules & Regulations

  • General Services Contractor Solicitation/Management

  • Monthly and Post Event Reports

  • Sponsor Support

  • Sponsorship timeline and tracking of deliverables


Marketing & Promotion

At Event Planning Concepts we assist our clients in building strategies that reach their target audience, drive attendance, exhibits and sponsorships and get results.  We work with our clients as a strategic marketing partner to develop a plan that will enhance their event and help it grow.  Our services for marketing and promotion include but are not limited to:

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding

  • Website Development

  • Electronic Marketing

  • Save the Date Postcard

  • Event Brochures

  • Working with list brokers

  • Building electronic and social media presence


Registration & Housing Services

The registration process is first opportunity to make a strong impression on an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor.  At Event Planning Concepts we help our clients build first class, flexible and easy to use online registration systems.  We are able to integrate fax, email and online registrations into a single system that allows for complete reporting, tracking and payment processing.  Our registration and housing services include but are not limited to:

  • Online Registration System

  • Fax Registrations

  • Email Registrations

  • Payment Processing

  • Sending Confirmations

  • Communication with registrants

  • Customer Service

  • Create Badges and Credentials

  • Onsite Registration Services

  • Complete Reporting

  • Arrange Housing for Attendees/Speakers/VIPs

  • Ribbon designations as required


Special & Offsite Event Planning

Whether it is a standalone event or an additional event as part of a meeting, Event Planning Concepts can plan it.  We take care of every detail from pre-production to post-production and each detail in between.  For a full list of the services that we provide for special and offsite events please see the “Services” tab above.  The types of special events that EPC produces includes but is not limited to: 

  • Receptions

  • Parties

  • Fundraising Events

  • Offsite Events

  • Tours

  • Spouse/Guest Tours

  • Attendee Tours

  • Offsite Training

Strategic Assessment & Consultation

The first step in executing a flawless event is conducting a strategic assessment.  During this initial consultation, we will discuss the clearly defined goals, objectives, branding and challenges as they pertain to your organization, your business model and your event.  We make sure that we understand your event so that we can help create quality strategies, solutions, and flexible customized options that will ensure that the event that is executed achieves your vision.  We have the industry knowledge and experience to facilitate this process.  This is the beginning of building a team!

Event Design

The design of an event is many things.  It is the cross branding so that potential attendees, exhibitors and sponsors immediately recognize your when they see the logo or branding design on the web, in print, in electronic mailings, etc.  It is the design of the logo, website, print and electronic ads, save the date postcards, brochures and promotional materials utilized before and during the event.  

The design of your event is also the utilization of audio visual, gobos, signage, production, overall theme and décor, scenic elements, promotional giveaways and other items onsite at the event.  Your event design is a branding roadmap of your event from start to finish.  At Event Planning Concepts we have produced a multitude of events each with a different, distinctive design and we will deliver this for you.  Our services for event design include but are not limited to:

Hill Day - NCRC

400 people, 9 motor coaches, over 100

meetings plus a keynote luncheon on the Hill

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